A life in canvases.


Tenzin Jigme is a contemporary artist born in Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet. At the age of 5, he crossed the trans-Himalayan mountain ranges to Nepal and then to India finding his exile base in a Tibetan boarding school. He currently lives and works in Dharamshala where he has his work studio which remains open for private viewing upon request. His work explores intimate human emotions and the rendition of the 'self' in various circumstances, taking inspiration from his personal experiences and his labyrinthine memory and questions of identity. 


Tenzin received his artistic training from two of the top Fine Art colleges in India. He completed his MFA from the faculty of Art at BHU, specializing in painting, and his BFA from the Delhi College of Art at the University of Delhi, specializing in printmaking.

He works with oil, acrylic, graphic art, mixed media, and photography.