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A life in canvases.


Tenzin Jigme is a contemporary artist born in Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet. He completed his BFA and MFA from India and is now based in the U.S. His works center on the deep emotions related to and emerging from a close study of personal and collective memories. He works with oil, acrylic, graphic art, mixed media, and photography.

His most recent series of paintings, which includes 14+ pieces, explores his memory of home and the rendition of the 'self' in various circumstances. Sonam's projects are grounded in his belief that art is a powerful form of language transcending cultures, time, space, and borders. Through his art, Sonam loves connecting with viewers personally, and finds spaces of dialogue that encourage bringing together an appreciation for both the form and the content, to let each one think critically about the world around them. At its core, his works are rooted in love and hope. 

​To learn more or to collaborate, write through the contact page. Thank you! 

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